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The Alberta Beach Snowmobile Club is dedicated to Continuous Growth and Safe Snowmobiling, benefiting all snowmobilers through the development and maintenance of a snowmobile trail system, providing snowmobile safety and awareness programs, promoting group and family fun and supporting local initiatives.


Trail passes can also be purchased at Ecko Marine (Alberta Beach), Darwell Trading Post (Darwell), Fallis General Store (Fallis) and Cycle Works West (Acheson Park).

Trail Conditions - OPEN

January 15, 2017
Groomed the trail January 13th from G to M1 to M4. West of Darwell, conditions are good for the amount of snow we have. East of Darwell, conditions are poor. Drive with caution, as some of the larger holes did not fill with snow. Please help out if you see any sticks on the trail. If so, please remove. There are a lot of animal tracks. Let us know if you see deer, moose, elk, cougar, wolf, coyotes, rabbits or other. If you do not see anything, you have been driving too fast and not enjoying the outdoors.

January 14th - Groomed the trail from "F" to "P". Also section L1 to L2 is temporarily not accessible. We will keep you posted on these sections.

Hats off to groomer operator, Wes. At 76, he does a great job! Not only does he operate, he does repairs, looks after the trails and rides every opportunity he can. We saw a lot of snowmobiles on the trail yesterday and many did not have a trail decal on them - shame on you. There are over 1000 hrs of volunteer time put in by your club and the least you can do is buy a trail pass even if you only use it once. We request ATV's to respect the hard work the club does and keep off groomed trails. Thank you for working with us.


The Alberta Beach Snowmobile Club would like to inform all users of the Alberta Beach Snowmobile Trail System that the portion of trail from Range Road 52 to Darwell, adjacent to Highway 633 and Township Road 550 to Darwell adjacent to Highway 765, is now closed. This is approximately 5 km of our trail system, and to accommodate this change, we will have to use Range Road 544. This is a public road and therefore you must follow the County regulations, which in part, you must drive on the right had side of a roadway in single file travelling in the same direction as vehicles and not to exceed 30 kms an hour. (for full by-laws please go to This will not be groomed, so please obey the bylaws. Our executive is working very hard to get the highway section reopened, but in the meantime, our actions will determine how difficult this process becomes.

Building shelters for Stanger Hills Staging Area
Shelters in place
at Stanger Hills
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Please remember that snowmobiling is a privilege, not a right. Keep in mind that our actions dictate how people feel about our sport. Please ride with respect.