Trail Report

Current Trail Conditions - OPEN

February 14, 2019

Trail is in great condition and is groomed.

Thank you for buying a trail pass and have a great ride. The trail system is 130 km. There will be a fire pit and washrooms at L1 and there is a fire pit and washroom at L5, Stanger Hills and Rangton. We challenge anyone to ride the whole trail up and back in one day. Let us know when you have done the 230 km ride. Happy sledding in 2019.

The mapped, maintained and approved snowmobile trails in our area are looked after by the Alberta Beach Snowmobile Club. When the snow accumulates around 10 inches, most ATV's have difficulty maneuvering the hills and trails, which at that time, the snowmobile club starts grooming and the club would ask for respect from the ATV community.

Some of the snowmobile trails are on private land and these owners only open the trail to snowmobiles and ATV's who purchase trail passes. Snowmobilers must purchase a trail pass to use private property which provides our club and land owner with liability insurance. This trail pass helps fund the costs occurred in grooming and maintaining the trail. The greatest advantage of having maintained snowmobile trails is that we can groom them and make riding much safer and help prevent trespassing.

After hours and hours of volunteer work and much expense, a well groomed snowmobile trail can be destroyed by ATVs in a matter of minutes. Therefore, the snowmobile club asks that ATV owners respectfully stay off groomed trails, and most importantly, do not use private land. The Snowmobile Club is open to ATV use on "non groomed trails" that are on public lands.

As both groups are OHV and still are blessed to have a place to ride, it is in all best interest to work together. It is a privilege, not a right, to have trails in Alberta and that can be revoked at any time by any level of government.

A snowmobile is designated as such when manufactured. Any vehicle (truck or ATV) altered and fitted with tracks cannot be designated as a snowmobile (insurance issues).

Thank you, and if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.