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The Alberta Beach Snowmobile Club would like to inform all users of the Alberta Beach Snowmobile Trail System that the portion of trail from Range Road 52 to Darwell, adjacent to Highway 633 and TWP Rd 550 to Darwell, adjacent to Highway 765 is now closed. This is approximately 5 km of our trail system, but it does divide our trail into two parts. The reason for the closure is that riding the ditches on any numbered highway in the Province of Alberta is illegal, and up until this year, the Provincial Government had turned a blind eye to the problem. But after much lobbying, they did come up with a grandfathering solution for any existing trails which did include ours. There would be a special permit issued for existing trails, but the local municipality (in this case the Lac Ste Anne County) would have to apply for the permit. Our County has chosen not to apply for the permit due to liability issues. Our directors are currently working with the County to come up with an alternate solution to the problem, but until that time, no permit holder would be covered under the conditions of your trail pass purchase, if you ride on the sections mentioned. The remainder of the trail is still intact.

If you have any questions regarding this notice please contact or Alberta Beach Snowmobile Club at Box 329, Alberta Beach, Alberta, T0E 0A0. Please watch for updates at and facebook.

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